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Want to push past your fears and life challenges?  Learning the fundamentals of breath control, buoyancy, submerging, floatation and learning to regain standing are the first steps in overcoming the obstacles that stop you from enjoying the water. You will learn to work with your fear, rather than your fear guiding you.
For those with a fear of the water, it is not irrational or something to be minimized, it is very real. No matter how long you have lived with your fear of water, or to what degree your fear is, you can learn to overcome your fear and interact with the water in a positive way. 


Adults & children who have not had the opportunity to learn to enjoy the water, or how to relax, or who have been traumatized by a bad experience, find it difficult if not impossible to trust themselves in water. With support, guidance, patience, and a real desire to learn, The Mind, Body Awareness Programme can guide you to focus in making postive changes in how you relate to the water, and the  JOY it can bring to your life. 


The Mind, Body Awareness Programme is the first of its kind, and is the simplest. It will guide you through a foundation of steps, which will help you to focus in a positive way. Whatever brings you here, we have the solution to enhancing your enjoyment of the water.


Swimming Retreats for individuals, couples or families are also available throughout the year. A perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle of daily life! A beautiful and relaxing B&B is available next door to the pool.


"There's nothing like a swimming lesson, or a Watsu session with Stephanie. It's truly amazing to feel yourself move completely at ease, in and with the water. It really is the ONLY way to approach the water. I've seen Stephanie work with people who are completely frightened to go in the water, blossom in just a few lessons into calm, relaxed beginner swimmers, as well as work with advanced swimmers who enjoy finding greater ease and fluidity in the water." She's remarkable! Kadilfy UK
























Tring pool is private,

warm, tranquil


exclusive for clients. 




Easy access by train, or car.

North of London? Tring is just a 30 minute train ride. 

Milton Keynes to Tring is approximately a 25/30 minute car journey.

“Being in water is about enjoying and exploring movement in a continuing flow of graceful, unforced strokes,

and when every part of the body seems to be an extension of another part,

and nothing is hurried or rushed” 

- Poetry in Motion. Stephanie Dutton FISTC


 t: 07840-789661

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