Learning to Go With The Flow

3-Students who were anxious of the water, took a 2-hour lesson with me.

The first 60-minutes was understanding breath control, above and under water. As the students became more comfortable they started to explore floatation and were discovering how there bodies floated naturally, without aids.

The more confident they became, the more they were able to let go of their anxities and enjoy the experience of floatation and gentle movement.

The foundation to learning to swim calmly starts with understanding breath control - when the breath is calm, the nervous system is calm, which means we can learn to let go and enjoy the experience.

The above video is not rehearsed. I just happened to catch the students learning to surrender to the water. I love this video as they were in "the moment" and expressing a sense of freedom. At the end of their lesson, the students were not the same people who entered the water with anxiety.

"When you become certain that nothing is impossible for you, you'll attain everything you desire."

Dr Wayne Dyer

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