The Art of Teaching Swimming

“Pupils arriving for swimming lessons have a right to expect understanding and enthusiasm from their teacher,” says ASA swimming instructor and aquatic therapist Stephanie Dutton. I recently visited my local pool to observe two new clients who regularly took part in group swimming lessons. To say I was shocked at the lack of interest from the swimming instructor would be an understatement. I am not willing to accept that she was just having an off-day. Many adults and children are anxious or fearful of water, but want desperately to learn to enjoy their swimming journey. Most of them will book lessons at their local authority pool expecting understanding and enthusiasm from the teacher. More

Forget Your Anxiety!

Have you ever felt anxious about facing a new experience? Do you avoid becoming involved in activities that are unfamiliar? If you do then you are not alone. The fear of the unknown can be an insurmountable barrier for some people. Learning to swim is a very good example. A fear of the water is quite common particularly amongst certain age groups. To be more specific, I am a member of a generation that was never given the opportunity to learn to swim during those formative school-years. The facilities that we take for granted these days simply didn’t exist then. In fact, during my time at school I went to a swimming pool only on two occasions. These two visits were a nightmare experience as

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