A love of photography helps me to connect to my students!

I have two passions, teaching swimming and macro-photography. But, how do the two meld? Photography has taught me how to be in the 'present moment'. It’s not about just taking a photo, but being present with the subject, and the energy that surrounds it. When that connection takes place I become more mindful, my breathing becomes deeper and I feel calmer. I apply those same principles to those who have a fear of water. Often when one is anxious, or afraid, we respond to a feeling or an emotion deep inside of us that takes us back to the past. We’re no longer living in the present moment. The mind at that point is blocked, our breath is literally taken away, and our energy is diminished. Las

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

A mother shares her experience of her son learning to Swim with The Mind/Body Awareness Programme… As a parent it’s difficult to gradually realize there is “something wrong” and your child is not developing typically as expected. At age three and a half I suspected my son’s fine motor skills were significantly delayed as compared to his peers. Every other aspect of his development, his social emotional, self help and cognitive skills were strong and age appropriate. Faced with the choice of waiting and watching his fine motor skills continue to fall further behind from his peers or to find out what was happening, we chose to have Mark evaluated by an occupational therapist. After a few sessi

Would you like a helping hand to overcome your fear of the water?

Grant contacted me 12-months ago when he was 21-years of age. He had been living with a fear of the water since his childhood. Somehow during his school years he slipped through the net, and never learned how to swim. More importantly, he never learned to relax and enjoy the water. His first swimming lesson with me was on a cold, wintery afternoon. It’s not always easy slipping out of warm clothes into bathing trunks, and it’s easy to feel anxious and uncertain of what to expect. Thankfully I work in a private pool, which is warm and in a peaceful and calm environment. I like to start students off either sitting on the side of the pool with their feet in the water, or walking in the pool wit

A New Year, A New You!

I am compelled to write this in admiration of the Mind/Body Awareness Programme and of Stephanie Dutton as the experienced teacher who has been working with me. My background is working as a Director and Managing Consultant over the last 20 years with many of the most aggressive blue-chip companies in programmes of change. I enjoy my work; love my family; and have always thrown myself into any sport going – as long as it’s on land! I have played competitive league tennis (qualifying with the LTA as a tennis teacher in 1983), played hockey, cricket, netball, football, I’ve abseiled, climbed sheer rock faces, been potholing, horse-riding and parasailing. I see myself as a sportswoman – so how

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