"I have been practicing my breast stroke, and it’s a completely different experience. My swimming is becoming smoother and more confident every time I go, and I’ve been trying to swim once or twice a week. Today we went swimming as a family and I was happy in the pool for about an hour and a half - to be honest, I have no idea how long, as I’m no longer trying to ‘tough it out’ for a respectable amount of time. I am really enjoying being in the water. I had the odd break here and there, but mainly to swim with my son and play around a bit. I miss the swim as soon as I come home, and think about when I can fit the next one in. You really are a miracle worker." Anna, Thame Oxon

"Thanks again for this morning’s lesson (24.4.18). It was incredibly therapeutic. I floated out of the door and back down the road towards Thame. " Anna, Thame Oxon

"Thank you so much for this morning's lesson (01.09.17) it was enlightening and being more bodily aware of buoyancy was a pleasant and new experience." ~ Charles R. Harpenden.

"I had a great time in Disney and made very good use of the water-skills you taught me. Spent each day in the pool and had so much fun with my grand-daughter. Thanks to you I can now manage and enjoy time spent in the pool. I can't thank you enough for the skills you have taught me. My family were so pleased we could all spend time together in the pool. Thank you. ~ Colin M. High Wycombe 

"I hit the pool early this morning(22.03.17), did around 10 lengths like we had practiced, feeling ok but concentrating hard. I thought I would do 2 more lengths and all of a sudden something clicked and I started swimming differently and really enjoying it. Well 30-minutes later I actually had to drag myself out of the pool before I was late home to take the girls to school. I'm so happy and I never would have made it this far without you, so thank you." Amanda Holland, Milton Keynes. ~ click to read Amanda's story

"Thank you so much for this mornings session (14.11.16).  I must admit I am sooooo chuffed with myself. I still cannot believe I got my face wet, neither can my husband! All down to my confidence in you. With gratitude." Moira, Pitstone, Bucks.


"I trust  you  are  in good  health. Well its been  just over a year since we  last  met. I never  gave up, although  sometimes  i did struggle, but i still kept  going. I just wanted  to  share  a little  video  of my progress  so far. I know  i have  a long way  to  go, but if i look back  at where  i started, I would  say its a milestone! I don't  think  i will  ever thank  you enough, but once again thank  you for helping me get this far."  Anne Ndungu


"Well, there we go! One half hour lesson and he's floating about on his back like a little cork boy, enjoying the water. He was definately putting more direction into his swimming, not lashing about in a fury. He did forget at times, but then the little light went on and he relaxed and glided. We cannot thank you enough, it's amazing! The special attention for just that short time was just what he needed, he is away and hopefully, with new confidence, he has the Summer to catch up with his peer group. You provide such a lovely service, we are so glad we found you." Sandra Dodson (Granny)

"We cannot thank you enough, it's amazing. The special attention for just that short time was just what he needed, he is away and hopefully,with new confidence. I really couldn't have asked for a better lesson for my son.  It was absolutely perfect, so lovely and calm." Charlie said "Could Stephanie teach me all the time?" Ps: he didn't stop talking all the way home so I know when he's really happy! Fiona Orriss, Berkhamsted.

"In just a very short time Stephanie gained my total confidence, explaining in detail about how to avoid the panic response so familiar to those terrified of the water. The elation of achieving an unassisted glide on just my second lesson cannot be adequately described. Stephanie has empowered me to believe I really can conquer the fear permanently, by using just the simple breathing techniques she teaches, together with an understanding of how to enjoy the interaction with the water. The private heated pool with ambient music, allows immediate relaxation without the distractions (public pool) that can be so off-putting to a nervous beginner. Many, many thanks." ~ Sue Sellers, Beaconsfield


"Overall Stephanie teaches about greater body awareness and alignment, strengthening the relationship between the mind and body. And it’s not a one size fits all approach." Ken Snowdon, BBC Tees Writer and Broadcaster ~ click to read Ken's story.


"Then I met Stephanie!!! It amazed me how understanding she was. Finally a teacher who listens to and understand my fears. Somebody who is able to identify with me. Everything was just so perfect, a beautiful swimming pool, arm and hand massages to help relax my extremely tense body, Stephanie’s undivided attention, soothing music in the background. My confidence grew slowly and steadily and before I knew it I started floating off without Stephanie holding my hands" Vicky, London ~ click to read Vicky's story.


"Looking back on 2015 I cannot believe I reached a stage with you where I actually enjoyed being in the water, thanks to your unique teaching method and the ability to put people totally at ease and calm their fears." Gloria Atkinson, Milton Keynes


"How fortunate to find Stephanie. I wanted to learn, I needed someone I could trust and someone who could understand my fears and my needs. After lesson 12, eight weeks after my first, I was swimming a length in a very relaxed fashion at my Gym – unbelievable! Truly unbelievable. I LOVE the water; I want to be in it all the time. I now go to the Gym and work out with the “treat” being the swim afterwards! I even pop in for just a swim. I have listened and I have practiced. Stephanie has taken me step by step and my learning curve has been rapid – not the theory but the reality of moving in and through water comfortably. I LOVE swimming and it is now part of my life. Thank you Stephanie – you are involved in a really life-changing event." Pat Way Hertfordshire UK ~ click to read Pat's story.


"Stephanie is, like the Alexander teachers and other practitioners we connect with, an extremely gifted teacher. It was such a treat! The sessions were so informative and she was so generous with her her time." Laura Smith, Patterson County NY. July 2015."


"There's nothing like a swimming lesson, or a Watsu session with Stephanie. It's truly amazing to feel yourself move completely at ease, in and with the water. It really is the ONLY way to approach the water. I've seen her work with people who are completely frightened to go in the water, blossom in just a few lessons into calm, relaxed beginner swimmers, as well as work with advanced swimmers who enjoy finding greater ease and fluidity in the water." She's remarkable! Kadilfy UK


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience yesterday. No one in my family could believe I actually submerged my ears underwater! I really feel I could  learn to be comfortable in water and to learn to swim." Helen, Hertfordshire UK


"This is truly the ONLY way to approach the water. Stephanie has truly mastered how to transform ANYONE into becoming a graceful dolphin. Whether you have a fear of the water or would like to improve your skills...she is the answer that you are looking for! The technique is proven, her approach is gentle, thorough and taught with clarity. If there is any doubt, try her and I guarantee that your connection with the water will NEVER be the same." Joe Hall, USA


Alex Park, Co-Founder and President of C4EIS - Washinngton D.C. "I can't praise Stephanie enough. "Whatever background you have in swimming--novice, intermediate or advanced--and in particular, if you have any fear of water or can't swim, Stephanie's method, demeanor, bedside manner, etc...will knock your socks off. Also, she is great not just for swimming, but for AquaTherapy. In short, swimming is about grace, balance and being mindfull. The best way to swim is to not try, but let it come to you, naturally, mindfully. I am still learning to swim gracefully, effortlessly, properly....but every now and then, my breathing, movement, balance, serenity and calm all sync up and it is a beautiful experience. Sounds weird, but I feel at those times like I BELONG in the water, much like a dolphin would. If anyone can help you and guide you to achieve that, it is Stephanie. Other instructors are all just about physical movement, mechanical, etc. Not Steph. Totally on a different level. Absolutely fantastic and a wonderful, warm human being. Oh, her aqua therapy is not bad at all either....I would always start to fall asleep and wish it would go on for hours....You will not be sorry to work with Stephanie."


Lisa Gasbarre-Black, General Counsel at Catholic Charities Health and Human Services.

"Stephanie is a highly skilled, innovative instructor who cares deeply for her clients. She has a calm approach, listens intently and has an intuitive knack for her craft. I highly recommend Stephanie for guidance in swimming and the water therapies she provides."


Alyson Pou, Artist/Director Professional Development Program at Creative Capital Foundation.

"I did several swimming lessons with Stephanie. In one lesson I learned a new stroke in another lesson I was able to refine and correct my favorite swimming stroke and improve my overall coordination in the water. She is patient and has an excellent teaching technique. I highly recommend her.”


 t: 07840-789661

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